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2015 Safeway Waterfront Blues Cruise
The NW Women Rhythm & Blues group performs specialty shows produced by Sonny Hess since the early 80’s. These unique shows are comprised of the top female performers in the region but most importantly, Sonny exposes newly found talent to the Portland Blues scene. Here are a few names you might recognize that got their start in the area with the NW Women Rhythm & Blues. Lisa Mann, Ellen Whyte, Rae Gordon, Naomi T, Lady Kat “Lady True Blue” just to mention a few who have gone on to win multiple awards locally, regionally and nationally. 
​Each and every one of these shows is different, women performing with women and a certain magic happens! 

2021 Water Front Blues Festival NW Women Rhythm & Blues 
July 2nd Performance time Noon and 6pm
Sonny Hess produces two HOT shows!! Yes that’s right- Two Shows each with their own stellar lineups. The best female talent in the NW!
Noon Show features - Nayibe Rojas, Sonny Hess, Rae Gordon, Myrtle Brown, Ward Griffiths, Kathryn Grimm and Leah Hinchcliff.
6pm Show features -Lady Kat (True Blue), Lisa Mann, Joanne Broh and Kelly Pierce join Sonny, 
Kathryn and Rae Gordon will surely be the highlight of the evening.

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